The Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) announces open registration for spring youth basketball leagues and practice

The Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is the premier provider of youth basketball tournaments in Illinois. CYBN just announced that registrations for spring league games and practice are now open.

CYBN has announced the opening of spring league game and practice registrations from March through June. Teams can choose between 3-game and 2-game format for 4+ players. Teams that compete for the “March Madness Shootings‘ can register for 2-game and 3-game shootouts in Chicago Suburbs or 2-game shootouts in Crown Point, IN. Places are currently open for Saturday, March 5, 2022 and Sunday, March 6, 2022. All teams competing in the March Mayhem tournament can compete for 2-game and 3-game shootouts in Chicago Suburbs and 2-game shootouts in Crown Point, IN. The open spots for the “March Mayhem” are currently on Saturday 12 March 2022 and Sunday 13 March 2022.

Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network

The Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is the only tournament network in Illinois committed to investing in and supporting youth basketball teams. Unlike basketball tournament facilitators, CYBN actively promotes youth basketball in and out of state. Over the years, CYBN has been instrumental in stimulating and generating interest in youth basketball.

As always, according to the CYBN team, the format of the games will be competitive and fast-paced; to engage and excite the teams, coaches and spectators for every game. The 3-game shootouts scheduled each weekend for the spring season will bring together the best teams to give them the most competitive playing field. In addition, the games will be broadcast as usual.

Delaney Brooks recently attended one of the tournaments organized by CVBN. She expressed her experience as; “Tournaments are well organized. It’s great to have a safe and fun environment for youth basketball close by.”

One of the Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network representatives explained the importance of the ongoing league as: “The Playmakers Winter League is one of the most exciting events of the year. The league brings together teams from all over Chicago, from almost every school, to compete in the best head-to-head races over the weekend. Every winter weekend is packed with action, with boys’ and girls’ teams playing some of the most exciting games of the year. Teams fight for victory and pull out all the stops to become number 1. In addition, the scouts and coaches in attendance pay close attention to finding gems that can later play for college teams.” And that goes for all spring leagues too.

Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network games are watched by a growing audience in Chicago and beyond.

To register for the Spring League, practice and more questions, visit the company’s official website: Or email to the address: [email protected] The Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network representative can also be reached at 331-684-8608.

About Chicago Youth Basketball Network

The Chicago Youth Basketball Network (CYBN) is one of Chicago’s most recognized and active youth basketball organizations. They currently serve over 5000 teams and the number of registrations is growing every year. The organization helps many schools and other organizations save up to $250,000 annually. However, the increase in the number of teams registering and willing to register will have a positive impact on the sport in general. Although the Chicago Youth Basketball Network is not a tournament broker and does not invest capital in any basketball team, it offers school districts and municipalities the opportunity to rent courts at a discounted rate. That CYBN and its growing network of partners own several gyms in Chicago. The charges are 25% of what they are normally with the same facilities. That means organizations save money and keep gyms filled; a win for everyone.



Chicagoland Youth Basketball Network

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