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KidCars.TV is pleased to announce that they have acquired, a premier forum for kids who ride cars and power wheel enthusiasts. This forum was started 15 years ago and members can discuss and post anything related to modifying all kinds of kids bikes. The dedicated forum also provides answers to questions about kids cars, upgrades, troubleshooting and more. The website is now merged with the KidCars.TV website. Users and members can now just click on the special tab dedicated to ModifiedPowerWheels forum. This combined forum aims to become the one stop resource for all things drive bikes and kids cars.


Whether you are buying a new car or looking for maintenance information, exploring different models and types to upgrade those ride-ons, this website is the ultimate destination. The site also provides details on the latest product launches. Anyone who thinks that Power Wheels are something for children is very wrong. There are amazing models designed for adult driving. Many adults also participate in Power Wheel races in different countries around the world. It is not only fun and exciting for the participants, but also for the spectators. However, these models need some modification as they are fundamentally different from those for children.

There are three major swaps with the battery, the tires and the frame itself for adult drive bikes. These modifications can be done within a limited budget as well as top notch modifications. The site covers topics such as safe and fun options for babies, whether it is safe for a 2 year old to drive a child’s car, the 7 best drive bikes for 9, 8 and 7 year olds. year old children and more. And then there is a separate tab for maintenance. What to do when the wheels get wet, how to jack up a drive wheel, how to fix the steering, if they have brakes, how to fix the tires and many other maintenance topics are covered here.

With gifting season fast approaching, Power Wheels qualify as perfect gifts. So, if you want to learn more about how to choose the right car for a child at an affordable price, you’ve come to the right place. The site features 16 of the best Power Wheels under $300 or even $200. Cheap or high-end, manual or remote, this is the most reliable resource covering the broadest topics related to these cars. The articles were written by Nick after thorough research and testing as he has many driving bikes for his kids to test and rate.

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KidCars.TV is an online resource to help people find, modify and enjoy the best car and drive bike ride for kids. The website offers everything about Power Wheels, maintenance, different models and types and how to upgrade Power Wheels. This forum was started by Nick, a big Power Wheels fan, with the aim of helping others to buy, modify, upgrade and service their kids’ kids cars.



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